Autofluorescence Imaging (AFI)

  •                                  Principle:
  • – Based on the interaction of between light with specific weave length and tissue fluorophores
  • – When tissues are exposed to short weave length light, endogenous fluorophores (collagen, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, Flavin, Porphyrin) are excited, leading to the emission of fluorescent light of longer wave length (Autofluorescence)
  • – Normal, inflamed and neoplastic tissue have different autofluorescence characteristics that my enable their differentiation
  • – Normal tissue is pseudo colored as green, blood vessels as dark green
  • – Neoplastic area appear as magenta
  • – During AFI, a suspected neoplasia(AFI positive lesion) is defined as any area that is different in color from the surrounding mucosa and which has a defined circumferential margin

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