Liver Transplantation

– The first human liver transplantation was performed in 1963 by Dr. Thomas Starzl of Denver, Colorado, United States

–  The liver transplant surgery remains the most formidable procedure with higher complication rates than other transplants


     Surgical Aspect of Liver Transplant (LT):

                   Procedures of LT:

  1. Cadaveric/Orthotopic liver transplantation
  2. Live donor transplantation
  • –  Complete live donor transplantation
  • – Split   live donor transplantation
  1. Auxilary Liver Transplantation (Patient’s own liver is not removed)


  • – Orthotopic and Heterotopic Transplantatio Orthotopic Liver Transplant: Orthotopic means “In the same place”. The patient’s diseased liver is removed entirely and replaced with a donor liver in the same place
  • – Kidney and pancreas transplants are heterotopic procedures (the donor organs are placed in the pelvis), but they are rarely referred to as such


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